Hustle and Bustle of a Relocation to Australia

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

Have you ever thought of moving to a new country without any job? I am sure you must have thought of living a crazy life without any boundaries but never had the courage to do that. A real life couple from Vikaspuri, Delhi, took this step to explore a new country and move out of their comfort zone and start a new life in Australia. They were having quite a comfortable life with both of them flourishing in their professions with great multinationals. But some people just don't like routine. Read about Isha and Arun, and their journey of settling down in a new country.

Priyata: How is Australia treating you?

Isha: So far so good.

Priyata: I am very curious to know about your plan to shift from India to Australia without any job?

Isha: Though you know most part of it but still there were lot of things you don't know at all. Well!! From where should I start? As you know travelling is fun for me and I have always liked being in nature. However, I never thought of a life outside India. But due to lack of growth opportunities, my husband, Arun, always wanted to settle outside. His brother is also an Australian citizen and living here for many years now. So Australia became a default choice for both us.

Priyata: But both of you landed in this country jobless. Many people dream of a crazy life but you both executed it.

Isha: Yeah. Even when I look back and think about it, I get goosebumps but we did that.

Priyata: But Australia is one of the expensive countries to live.

Isha: Yes it is. Living in the city or near to the Central Business District (CBD) is particularly expensive. Rent is main part of anybody’s monthly expenses. Eating out and dining out in an average restaurant can be expensive. Public transport is affordable but buying your own vehicle could be expensive.

Priyata: How difficult or easy it was to find a job here?

Isha: It was a difficult choice for me. I was doing well in my job as Senior Engineer in a multinational in Gurugram, India. After we got our visa grant in 2017, I was not at all happy. This feeling did not sink-in for a long time for me. I like to be around parents, my sister, my friends, my home. I like taking care of the people around me and being taken care of by them. My parents are getting older and I will be gone. Honestly, I was not prepared to leave everything behind me. However, these were all thoughts. This decision was difficult, but it had to be done.

Priyata: Yes, I know what do you mean when you say that. Tell more about the job hunt.

Isha: As we both are IT professionals, and IT being a global skill now, we both explored for a location change within our existing jobs, but it could not be worked out. During our research for jobs in Melbourne, we discovered that there are more jobs for my skill-set. If I would have stayed in India, then it would have been an opportunity loss for both of us. Hence, we took the risk. After my husband left, we both started applying for jobs.

I arranged few interviews before I could come here through my existing network of friends. After I landed in Australia, I straight away started appearing for interviews. It was the most intensive job hunt of my life. We enrolled ourselves with the libraries in Victoria that are equipped with all the facilities like free high speed Wi-Fi, technology books, computers. All these facilities helped us to study or learn new skills. We started doing rounds of the library everyday to prepare for interviews.

We actively went to meetups to understand the job market. I remember both of us giving interview scheduled one after another and hoping that even one of us getting a job would improve a lot of things for us.

Priyata: Interesting! I totally understand that pressure of finding a new job and in a new country it is even more. So after you got your first job here, how was feeling like?

Isha: It was ecstatic. We both went for a treat and went to a small fair in the area we were staying to celebrate. I even had an ice cream in that cold weather.

Priyata: Which organization you joined?